FNF: Ron and Little Man sing “Expurgation”

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Two famous antagonists from the world of FNF are together again on the same stage to perform the song “Expurgation”. Cutie yellow Ron and angry Little Man are two of the sweetest creatures, even when one of them has a fit of anger. Help the Little Man to make a duet with Ron and not make a mistake in the performance of a popular hit. In this mod, the music that the battle will be played to is more eerie than the performers themselves.

In order for the Little Man to succeed in defeating Ron, you need to sing the song perfectly until the last note. This small person can not do without your help, which is to timely press the arrow keys. Do this when you see that the arrows on the screen have coincided with the fixed gray symbols. Don’t miss the notes and make the right keystrokes, and then the Little Man will be able to drag the success slider to his side, sing the song to the final note and become the winner in this competition.