FNF vs Scott The Woz

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Scott Woz is a popular YouTube vlogger who shoots video game reviews. Scott was so engrossed in the virtual world that he didn’t even notice Boyfriend sneaking into his room. The Youtuber knows all the video game characters, which is why it was no mystery to him who the blue-haired guy in the cap was. Scott was fascinated by the beautiful Girlfriend and decided to get her attention on the musical battlefield.

The game features 4 songs that Boyfriend has to perform with the popular blogger, “Stupid Nintendo Games”, “Why Don’t You Play Them”, “Breakout” and “Closing in”. In order for Boyfriend to keep his girlfriend’s attention, you need to become a better vocalist. Click on the arrow keys so that Boyfriend can perform his part of the song correctly. Click at the moments when the figures that are in motion touch the paired symbols at the top of the screen, and don’t make mistakes often.