FNF: Sonic.exe Sings You Can’t Run

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Creepy Sonic.exe still can’t calm down after his past defeats, and each time he returns to the world of FNF with a new song. This time Sonic.exe prepared to perform the already familiar hit “You Can’t Run”. But Boyfriend is not going to run away from the battlefield anywhere, the guy just needs to perform a song better than his insidious rival.

Boyfriend has not run away and is not going anywhere, the guy is ready to accept any challenge. In order to once again prove his superiority to the evil Sonic, Boyfriend asks you for help. Help the guy by watching the arrows running on the screen, and press the corresponding keys when the running and stationary symbols on the screen match together. In order for the indicator of success to be on the side of Boyfriend, you need to accurately press the keys until the end of the music. Thus, the king of music will win back his status and expel Sonic.exe from the world of FNF again.