FNF X Pibby Glitchy Spongebob

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Boyfriend is urgently sent to an underwater city as soon as he learns that his longtime friend SpongeBob is infected with the Pibby virus. The King of Music is the only one who can cure the unfortunate spongy creature, which Boyfriend is ready to do. As usual, the Pibby virus can only be cured by the rhythms of music, so Boyfriend is ready to perform two songs to destroy the virus and restore SpongeBob to his former form.

Boyfriend will perform the following songs in the underwater world: “Ready or Not” and “Here I Am”. Help Boyfriend to perform his part of the song correctly. It is necessary to prompt BF with the notes to be performed. To do this, click on the arrow keys when you see that the symbols on the screen having the same shape joined. Hurry up, you have a fraction of a second to have time to press the necessary key, and if you do not have time, it will be counted as a mistake, and their frequent repetition will cut off the song before its end.