FNF: Sweet Side!

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Dear Daddy again decided to test his son-in-law, Boyfriend, to see if he is worthy to be a match for his beautiful daughter, Girlfriend. Daddy has already tested Boyfriend in musical duels many times, and he decided to do it again, because he can’t believe that someone can beat him so easily in the rhythms of any melodies. Today Daddy has prepared a new playlist, which consists of the following songs: “Sweetyboop”, “Fresh Swirl”, “Bakery Feud” and “Midnight”.

You can only play the last song after going through all the previous ones. Regardless of the chosen mode for the game, the rules of musical duels remain the same. Click on the arrow keys or WASD to make Boyfriend sing. Watch the movement of the figures, and the moment of their connection in pairs of two identical in shape. Be careful not to miss a few times in a row, because the success indicator in this case will take Daddy’s side and Boyfriend will lose.