FNF vs Cye

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Cye is a white fluffy cat, which is an alien creature. Cye has been observing the life and music of people for a long time, and always dreamed of becoming a part of the Boyfriend’s musical family, as he admired their talents. After some practice in rapping, the alien cat mustered up the courage and descended to Earth to fight the King of Music and win his recognition with the songs: “Moon High”, “Space Duel”, “Far Heaven” and “Galaxy”.

The title of champion has always belonged only to Boyfriend, so even now you can’t retreat, and you need to win the victory again at all costs. Cye is determined to go to victory so that he does not have to return home with nothing. In order for the guy in the cap to become the winner, you need to perform all four songs of the sky cat to the end. It is necessary to follow the arrows moving on the screen, and when they fall into the middle of their displays, fixed at the top, click on the keys corresponding to them. Don’t miss too many lest Boyfriend ruin the song and have to start all over again.