FNF vs Fortnite Skye (CRANKING FUNKIN’ 90S)

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Skye bursts noisily into the world FNF from Fortnite, because everyone has been waiting for her appearance on the big stage for a long time. The girl can’t wait to fight Boyfriend and win the recognition of the public by defeating the King of Music in front of the audience. Skye has prepared three new rhythmic tracks, under which the music battle will take place: “Buildstroll”, “FunHat” and “Beast”.

In order for the guy to be able to show his superiority, you need to perform the song to the end and do it better than Skye. The success bar at the bottom will show your successes and mistakes, and each time the slider will move to the side of the one who performs the song better. In order for Boyfriend to be able to complete the hit to the end, you need to press all the arrow keys without missing, at the moment of matching identical symbols on the screen. If you repeat mistakes, you will lose the battle at the moment, so try to focus on the task and not be distracted until the end of the music.