FNF vs Tobias

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Tobias from the Gumball’s world is a great athlete, at least he thinks so. Also, Tobias is a womanizer and very quickly wins the attention of any girl. And so, it seems, the newly minted beau has decided to win the heart of Girlfriend and wrestle the beautiful girl away from Boyfriend. To do this, Tobias has decided to arrange a battle with the King of Music, and because of his self-confidence, he thinks that it is quite a kind of power to him.

Whether Tobias can wrestle the girlfriend away from Boyfriend depends only on your effort. In order for the athlete was not able to pull the girl to his side you need to perform his song to the last note. To do this, you have to be attentive and press the keys that correspond to the arrows on the screen at the exact moment when there are couples. Do not rush and keep up with the rhythm, so that the presses were timely, and the whole song succeeded in glory.