FNF Vs. Tricky Version 2.0 (Phase 3)

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In the vastness of the FNF universe, there are characters who can’t come to terms with losing in a musical battle. One of them is Tricky, the evil clown. He became enraged due to the large number of lost duels against Boyfriend, and his rage reached enormous proportions. And now he has become a red sinister demon monster with large fangs. Well, Boyfriend will again have to enter the ring with Tricky and once again prove who is the king of music.

Whether you choose Story Mode or Free Play, you’ll be treated to the following four tracks: “Improbable Outset”, “Madness”, “Hell clown”, and “Expurgation”. As before, your task is to sing the song to the end. Pressing the right arrows at the right time will lead you to defeat the clown. Mistakes, or rather a series of them, will force you to start playing the hit again. Therefore, try to avoid mistakes and defeat the clown Tricky once again.