FNF vs Tankman Week 7 HD

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Week 7 with Tankman is rightfully considered one of the most difficult to complete, as the opponent is very strong and his songs are quite rhythmic, which requires a very good reaction speed. Now you can again immerse yourself in the already familiar rhythms of musical compositions: “Guns”, “Ugh” and “Stress”. The songs and the goal of the game remain the same as in the original, but only the graphics, sound and backgrounds have changed, which have become an order of magnitude better in the new HD quality.

The goal remains the same – to reach the end of each melody. Boyfriend will be able to hold out until the logical conclusion of the song, if you accurately click on the arrow keys, at the moment of connecting the same shapes at the top of the screen. If you are not mistaken, then the success slider, which is located at the bottom, will go to the side of the Boyfriend, which will mean his superiority. But in case of several misses in a row, the track will end instantly, and Boyfriend will lose the battle.