FNF Week 8

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Friday Night Funkin’ Week 8, since its debut on October 5, 2020 at the Ludum Dare 47 game jam, has become a prominent and outstanding event in the world of computer entertainment. Starting with simple tunes and a few stages, this addictive arcade game starring a guy in a cap in the lead role instantly won the hearts of gamers around the world. Thanks to its immense popularity and the active support of the modding community, the game began to expand with new levels, tracks and characters. Over time, this musical arcade game has become a true phenomenon, representing a real cultural label in the world of gaming. Now it is a full-fledged creation with 8 exciting stages, including the newest eighth week. Master the rhythm and control the timing to successfully overcome incredible musical challenges presented in varied and memorable compositions. Immerse yourself in a world of sounds and rhythms to win the hearts of not only your sweetheart, but also millions of gamers around the world. FNF Week 8: Landmark Update The release of Week 8 marked an important milestone in FNF’s history. The new update, dubbed “End of Week 1,” not only continued the game’s story, but also offered players even more opportunities to immerse themselves in the world of Friday Night Funkin. The centerpiece was the meeting of Darnell’s characters, Nene and Pico, which was the starting point for an amazing musical confrontation. Week 8 began with a dramatic scene building tension before the events that followed. Players were treated to an exciting fight between Nene and Pico, which was the precursor to an epic musical duel. Players entered into a series of epic rap battles as a guy, battling Darnell in the songs “Darnell”, “Lit Up” and “2hot”.

How to play?

Ready to show off your rap skills in 8 weeks of battles against legendary opponents like Father Meloman, funny guys Skid and Pump, Pico, Dear Mommy, all-school hottie Sepai, Tankman and more? Finish your confrontation in the battle with Darnell, participating on the side of the red-haired kid. Choose the game mode from the main menu. Then go to the Music Week selection from Tutorial to New Week 8 if you are in Story mode. If you choose to play Free Play, then you choose a track from the playlist yourself. There is also a new function of random soundtrack selection, after activation of which, the computer itself will select a soundtrack for you to play. In the battle ring of music you will have to act lightning fast and accurately, merging with the rhythm like a virtuoso performer. This is a real test for reflexes and musical skill. You must overcome every opponent, avoiding mistakes to win the title of champion and become invincible. Watch the symbols that rush across the screen, rapidly rising upwards. Don’t miss a moment to synchronize your movements with stencils of the same shape. Start your musical improvisation by playing on the WASD keys or by clicking on the arrow images. Only dexterity and attentiveness will help you survive in this musical battle until the last round.