FNF: DustTale Remastered v2.0

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Skeleton Sans has returned to the FNF world, once again try to win the title of champion of the musical battle. The skeleton became even angrier due to his past defeats, and this time he prepared ten new songs: “Murderer”, “Red Megalovania”, “Drowning”, “Psychotic Breakdown”, “D.I.E.”, “Anthropophobia”, “Hallucinations”, “Last Hope”, “Reality Check” and “Wounded Shooting”. Boyfriend, as always, is ready to fight with the help of the rhythms of music until the victory.

Choose the game mode that suits your needs and start the battle to defeat. The mode can be with a full-fledged storyline, or just an independent choice of any song. Victory means to sing the song to the last note. To do this, help Boyfriend by pressing the arrow keys when identical symbols on the screen match together. Try not to miss a single key, or at least not repeat several mistakes in a row so that the game does not end ahead of time and you do not have to start over again.