FNF: Corruption Nagatoro vs Evil Boyfriend

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A fan mod in which the popular Nagatoro, who likes to ride around the neck of her bespectacled classmate, meets an infected Boyfriend in the middle of the school hallway. The guys will engage in three rounds of musical battles, during which they are slowly consumed by a merciless virus. Nagatoro had no idea the virus would spread to her so quickly.

Fans have remade the original mod and now it’s even more interesting and includes the following songs, “Toy Boy”, “Comatose” and “Forlorn”. Keep an eye on the side where Boyfriend is. In moments of touching the silhouetted figures above, click on the WASD or Cursors to sing. Try to hit the rhythms and don’t miss the figures responsible for the notes of the song. Don’t pay attention to your appearance and the gradual change of your opponent, just keep singing to win.